A tutorial on the LASSO and the "shooting algorithm"

Author: Gautam V. Pendse


The LASSO is an L1 penalized regression technique introduced by Tibshirani (1996). An efficient algorithm called the "shooting algorithm" was proposed by Fu (1998) for solving the LASSO problem in the multi parameter case. In this tutorial, we present a simple and self-contained derivation of the LASSO "shooting algorithm".

Download LASSO shooting tutorial

Main ideas

  1. LASSO is an L1 penalized linear regression procedure that regularizes the solution and results in sparsity/feature selection.

  2. The LASSO objective function is convex and non-differentiable. However, there is a special structure in the non-differentiable part which makes convergence of the co-ordinate wise optimization to the global minimum possible.

  3. The "shooting algorithm" is a special instance of co-ordinate wise optimization applied to the LASSO objective function.

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PDF Figures

  1. Figure1 [choosing regularization parameter]
  2. Figure2 [Illustrative LASSO fit]

Download Code

Matlab code for fitting the LASSO model and estimating the regularization parameter can be downloaded here: lasso_webpage_code_data.zip . This software is freely available under the terms of the license described below. This zip file includes the following directories:


This directory contains a standalone version of this webpage lasso_shooting.html for offline browsing.


This directory contains code for:
  1. fitting a LASSO model: solveLasso.m

  2. estimating the regularization parameter: estimateLassoLambda.m

  3. reproducing Figure 1 and Figure 2 in the tutorial: exampleLassoUsage.m


This directory contains a MATLAB .mat file: sampleDataForLasso.mat which contains the data used to generate Figure 1 and Figure 2.


Creative Commons License
LASSO code by Gautam V. Pendse is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.